Stroud Pharmacy

79 Cowper Street, Stroud – PHONE 02 4994 5779


img_0922Stroud Pharmacy est 2008
79 Cowper St Stroud 2425.

Many years ago Stroud had a pharmacy located in what is now the newsagent. It was owned by Mrs Brown who many locals fondly remember. Records show that there was another pharmacist in Stroud by the name of Colin Clark, probably in the 1930’s (he sold Raycophone radios, which ceased manufacture in 1935). Mr Clark was also an optometrist, stationer and radio dealer. Mrs Brown and Mr Clark are the only known pharmacists in Stroud prior to 2008.

Prior to 2008 and after Mrs Brown (circa 60’s-70’s), Stroud’s community relied on the Dr’s surgery to dispense PBS medicines or they had to travel some distance to get their medicines. Dr Bradshaw started dispensing in Stroud in what is ‘the old library’ section of the now pharmacy at 79 Cowper St, probably in the 1980’s.

Stroud Pharmacy offers a wider range of medications than the Dr’s surgery, makes ointments and creams and other extemporaneous products, is very price competitive (actually better) with many other pharmacies, sponsors many local events, very quick service, offers access to diabetic products and needle drop off through the National Diabetes Services scheme, offers Home Medicines reviews, Webster packing for ease of medication management (blister packs), regular in store specials and nice gifts, free delivery to local people in need or in difficulty, old fashioned friendly service, flu immunisations, free blood pressure checks, free blood glucose checks, services Stroud Community Lodge and much much more. Stroud has very much gained from these services.